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Since 2002 when I believe God told me to obtain a pilot’s licence, my first thoughts were wow how much will that cost!Stephen,that’s my name by the way my wife’s name is Pamela.

I always hated my name till after I was saved and realised it meant he overcomes.

Now 2017 and I have two pilot licenses and have flown solo with two passengers from Sydney to Brisbane and back,that was my maiden flight.

So miraclewings is as much about pursuing a dream God gave me as anything else I write about here.

It must be noted that as a child I had dreams of flying and even built and flew those balsa models with workable gas engines diesel and petrol.I loved it…it all started in primary school when a mate there would bring his rubber band model to school and charge the kids for turns of it, that placed a love for flying into my heart.This God gave back to me after I returned to him.There is a story in the Bible about a king that God sent mad for seven years till he learned to respect the God of heaven.(Dan 4:34,35,36) I believe God did a similar thing to me until I returned to Him and He gave me back my sanity.God is God and if we are His He will do what is necessary and what it is He wills.

Since then I have been doing the work of an Evangelist and now believing God for the aircraft to fly into all the world,that is my work.I have been very busy making it happen so to speak training preparing and changing for the role.

So I’m at the first step of traveling internationally by my own steam I have a 5.2 meter power boat that I have already gone to PNG in,this trip is in more detail below.God has provided miraculously all along,so when you read the blogs you may keep in mind what God has been doing in my life and what plan I am aiming for.






Take a look at our trip home!

Wow! How time has flown 🐟🐠 🌴🌴 we are loving it here in Torres Strait.

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The big trip to PNG is an initial success with great contacts made.

I left Thursday Island wharf at 5am Wednesday 12th August, arriving early morning Thursday 13th August at Daru Island, PNG, in the ‘Salvation Star’ a canopied 5.3m runabout with International Registration.

For me it was a prayerful nervous night before arriving in Daru to be cleared by the authorities.  It was just before evening , my spare GPS battery had failed and the  last of the Warrior Reef had to be navigated with darkness approaching. Just before that I was testing the GPS checking whether it was reading correctly,to do so way out to sea I decided to inch closer to the reef,that I also could see on the GPS screen.In the process the tide took me over the reef with still a meter of water underneath and I noticed the beauty of the reef like holiday destination advertisements,the reef made up of circular nucleus of coral patchworked within the marine colour spectrum.Just then I heard the approach of a helicopter a big white machine it bussed me momentarily and left,they must of imagined I was alright.Later ten miles off the PNG coast I miraculously noticed emerging rocks, small rocks so it seemed but still a bit scary.  Slowing  the boat and looking  over the side I noticed 1m of water – then the boat just ran aground.  Fortunately the tide was coming in and I was soon on my way to the coast.  I decided to anchor off the coast before proceeding to Daru.

Through the night the wind picked up and I had to move the boat on several occasions to stay afloat. Dawn arrived while I had slept through the last part of the tide and was now on the sand. As the sun came up I noticed several men from a nearby village walking along  the beach  – they were joined by others, then about thirty men came out to the boat and started talking with me. I was very nervous at first thinking the worst and I explained I had no cargo with me and had an enjoyable time before they pushed my boat off the sandbar and I headed for Daru.

On reaching Daru and being cleared by the authorities the wife of one of our contacts greeted me and shortly after I met up with Pastor Sammy who organised my stay excellently.

I was driven to a “state” house and introduced to the family that I would stay with for the next seven days. Talk about excellently the people at the house went out of their way to make me feel comfortable,keeping in mind that most houses on this island were mangrove wood and coconut palm woven construction the traditional type housing of the islands.The one I stayed in was more like housing construction we see on the remote mainland,it had running water as the lady of the house worked in healthcare her and her husband had two beautiful children and young women helping them around the house and making me feel like I belonged.Her children are very friendly and one of their best friends that was living next door at the time was Maximus a young precocious boy that just caught my attention,and these young ones used so much energy playing and sharing the time together.Maximus impressed me so much I decided to see if I could make a difference to his life by providing some support to help with His schooling and personal upkeep.These days Maximus is doing real well and I look forward to hearing from the family about what God is doing in their lives.The previous contact was full of miraculous happenings about Jesus visiting Maximus and telling him things about his family and it actually coming true,so I am looking forward to it.

Next I was walked downtown noticing many locals walking along the road on each occasion I walked into town with Ps Sammy and his team of men.  People were walking on the road with us, all were careful to move off the road if a vehicle came.  Great respect was shown to the drivers of the vehicles by all with quick movements to the side of the road.  I met with several pastors and the local bishop. The Government Counsellor and the Governor and I enjoying the time spent sharing together. Also Ps Sammy introduced me to family clans from other islands of Papua were I was able to share with them the message  I came with to Daru. Ps Sammy also introduced me to the local Pentecostal church and their pastor who cleared me to preach and minister healing at the church rally.

We had approximately 15 souls saved through our ministry work there on Daru.  The networking and contacts made are invaluable to our future work .The men of Sammy’s team were of great assistance to me taking care of the boat and arranging my banking needs, always I was ushered to the front of the line without complaint from the long line of people waiting  to use the facility.

The great people of Daru their hospitality was exceptional!

Wednesday 19th August we departed Daru.  When it was time to leave we purchased 1000 Kina of Zoom and headed for the water. There trusty Ned was waiting for me and after boarding Sammy surprises me with a definite request to come with me on the trip back as the sea was heavy and he knew another way back. Well, after considering his visa and passport position I had no excuse not to bring him to Thursday Island which he had been endeavouring to visit for quite a while.

We slugged it out till night fall when we anchored off Gabba Island and had a broken sleep until daybreak. We then “ran” for Badu and Moa and welcomed the shelter from the prevailing Easterly winds.  Fortunately I had spoken to some of the local crayfish fishermen and they told me the back way from Badu where we were able to shelter in the lee of the small islands and large reef complexes back to Hammond Island. Just before reaching Goods Island on the home stretch to T.I two Hammerhead sharks came racing toward the boat cruising out of the water like dolphins, I thought they were going to hit,veering off at the last second – one being bigger than the boat.

The two of us arrived safely on Thursday Island on Thursday 20th August.  Ps Sammy stayed hosted by us on T.I. for four weeks and we strengthened our relationship with him and he met up with old friends and family.

The Daru ministry has been a great success with much fruitfulness coming from it.

We will travel back to PNG later this year although we will not be able to do the complex work I am wanting to do until we source the aircraft.Commercial flights that link up to the places we believe to go to are expensive and timing is crucial.We will make contact though which will be instrumental to other good work.

We are now sourcing payment for an aircraft we have found to fly us into the greater plans God and SGM has for the Papua New Guinean vision.

I am believing for ten people to donate $3000 each we are donating also.(Luke 6:38)